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Conflict at Work: Advice and Investigations.

Sometimes things go wrong and organisations face serious staff issues and disputes. We offer advice and support to ensure that these complex issues are dealt with sensitively and efficiently by means of mediation or investigation to ensure minimum disruption to your business.

Employment Tribunals scrutinize the management of such incidents if they are not properly investigated in accordance with best practice principles.

Our special offer (valid until 26th of March 2015) is that we give you an hour of our time free. This is absolutely without any obligation. So at the very minimum you get a clear steer on what you need to do.

At Frith Street Consulting we bring a special mix of organisational expertise with legal awareness, because we are a specialist business consultancy group that is linked to an established law firm with highly regarded lawyers. You can have confidence in our dealing with conflict issues in your organisation with clarity, speed and integrity.

The benefits of working with us include:

  • Fixed fee
  • Strategic advice
  • Speed and Confidentiality
  • Independence and experience
  • User friendly reports with clear recommendations; no sitting on the fence
  • Trained mediators

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