Conflict a Work: Investigation Services

We are the experts on helping you to resolve conflict at work situations quickly and effectively, saving you costs, time, hassle and heartache.

Life is not perfect

In the ideal world we want a work force that functions harmoniously, is productive and creative. However things can go wrong for lots of reasons. For example, addressing performance issues, changing jobs around to reflect new market conditions, challenging inappropriate behaviour, just saying no to a mad idea, can lead to grievances conflict and grief.

The next thing you know is that you are faced with a grievance or a disciplinary issue that can be difficult, time consuming and energy sapping.

We help you to cut through all this. We investigate the case(s) for you. We find out the facts for you objectively and make recommendations that resolve the case avoiding more expense and money draining tribunals.

Our experienced Investigators will undertake Investigations fairly and objectively and they will present their findings in a comprehensive report which, in consultation with the legal team if deemed appropriate, will limit the employee’s ability to obtain a successful outcome at Tribunal.

Our proven track record in this service includes undertaking Investigations into alleged misappropriation of funds by administrative staff and misconduct by a high ranking union official at a large London Council and an Investigation into allegations of stress, harassment and bullying for a high profile media company.

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